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Tours and transportation requirements can be properly provided by the resort. From transfers to/from the airport, car hire with driver, guided tours and vehicle rental requirements from cars to buses, can be handled with ease.

  • Airport/Seaport Pick-up/Drop-off

    The resort can arrange for pick-up and drop-off transfers, depending on your port of entry. Just get in touch with us through our contact channels at least two (2) days prior your arrival in order that proper arrangements can be made.


    Arriving/departing through the new Panglao International Airport

    The resort is located approximately 5 kilometers away from the airport thus travel time is now reduced to ten minutes.


    Car service          Php 400.00 net

                              (maximum of 3 adults including luggage)

    Van service          Php 600.00 net

                              (maximum of 9 adults including luggage)

    Coaster service    Php2,300.00 net

                              (maximum of 16 adults including luggage)


    Arriving/departing through the seaport in Tagbilaran, Bohol

    For guests arriving Bohol through the Tagbilaran seaport, the resort is a convenient thirty (30) minute land trip away.


    Car service          Php 600.00 net

                              (maximum of 3 adults including luggage)

    Van service          Php 900.00 net

                              (maximum of 9 adults including luggage)

    Coaster service    Php2,300.00 net

                              (maximum of 16 adults including luggage)




    Mactan, Cebu

    Arrangements for guests who will need assistance arriving through Cebu can also be made. Airport pick-up from the Cebu International Airport to transfers to the Cebu city pier for fast-ferry service to Tagbilaran (Bohol) can all be prearranged for guest convenience.


    Car service           Php 750.00 net

                              (maximum of 3 adults including luggage)

     Van service          Php1,250.00 net

                              (maximum of 9 adults including luggage)

    Coaster service      Php3,500.00 net

                              (maximum of 16 adults including luggage)


    Assistance can be extended in the purchase of fast ferry tickets for Cebu to Tagbilaran, subject to availability. Prices vary depending on the season and if promotional prices are being offered by the service providers. Tickets may also be reserved on-line, directly to the website of the service providers.


    Please be reminded that in cases wherein the guest will have luggage that cannot be accommodated in their reserved vehicle, extra charges shall apply for a larger means of transportation, to be charged on personal account.


  • Tour Options

    Aside from pristine beaches and water based activities, Bohol is gifted with a beautiful landscape and countryside, with several natural and man-made attractions. Must sees are the famous Chocolate Hills and the smallest primate in the world, the Philippine tarsier. Depending on guests’ preference, the resort offers two options for the Bohol countryside tour, either Organized or Ordinary. Both tours share the same itinerary which is as follows:


    • Blood compact marker (Sandugo) 
      The Sandugo was a Philippine ritual practiced in the olden times to show true friendship, seal a treaty or confirm agreement. Involved parties would cut their wrists and mix their blood into a cup with wine and drink the concoction. The blood compact marker of Bohol shows a sculpture where Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Bohol chieftain Datu Sikatuna sealed their friendship last 1565.


    • Baclayon Church
      Considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, this church was built by the Jesuits in 1717. It is made up of coral stones and bonded together by egg white.

    • Tarsier Watch
      The Philippine Tariser is considered as the smallest primate in the world. Full grown, it is approximately the size of a human fist. Considered as nocturnal, they survive on a diet of insects such as crickets and moths. The Tarsier can turn its head 180°. Probably the most famous inhabitant of Bohol, this is a definite must see.

    • Bilar Man-Made Forest
      This man-made forest in the town of Bilar is called so as it was part of a reforestation project organized by the local government in 1970. The area stretches two kilometers of dense forest made up of red and white mahogany trees. Driving along the area, you will feel the difference in temperature and a slight dim in your surroundings due to the thick foliage; a result of the success of this reforestation project.

    • Chocolate Hills
      Made up of unusually shaped hills numbering around 1,200, spanning three towns of up to 50 square kilometers, this unique attraction derives its name from the color of its hills which turn brown during summer and green during the rainy season.

    • Loboc/Loay River Cruise
      One of the most popular activities in Bohol, the river cruise in Loboc or Loay is attractive as a native buffet lunch is served on board a roofed raft, while cruising the cool river. Depending on the season, the rivers water is either color brown or emerald green. The whole cruise usually takes a minimum of forty-five (45) minutes.


    The Organized Tour includes use of private transportation, services of a licensed tour guide, entrance fees to all attractions and a native lunch buffet in Loboc or Loay. Applicable prices are as follows:

    1 person

    2-3 persons

    4-6 persons

    7-9 persons

    10-15 persons

    16-20 persons

    21 persons and above








    The Ordinary Tour includes the use of private transportation with a driver. Rate excludes entrance fees and meals which will be payable in the areas you will be visiting. Applicable rate are as follows:

    Car (3 persons maximum)

    Van (10 persons maximum)

    Commuter (14 persons maximum)

    Coaster (20 persons maximum)

    Bus (45 persons maximum)






    As guest safety is of utmost importance to us, in case of bad weather or situations that may pose a risk to guests’, the itinerary of the tour may change or the whole tour cancelled, without prior notice.


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