Greetings of safety and good health from Bohol Beach Club!


The times we are currently experiencing are unique.  As it has been months since we have temporarily closed our doors in compliance to the governments’ initiative to help lessen the spread of COVID-19, we have done our best to continue ensuring that the resort and its facilities are properly maintained and taken cared for.  Modified procedures have been set in place to make certain that equipment and facilities continue to be in top condition.  We have also taken this opportunity to conduct renovations in our Deluxe Rooms and main kitchen, which are on its finishing stages.  A major training program is likewise being finalized for the retraining of our TEAM in preparation for the new protocols that shall be in place, in time for your arrival.  There will definitely be numerous changes in our policies and procedures to ensure your safety as our guests’ and the safety of our TEAM but one thing will remain the same; the care and attention we provide to ensure that your stay with us is always pleasingly memorable. For now, please stay safe and keep healthy.  We will get over this, together.


We do look forward to welcome you soon.


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